Proudly serving clients throughout the state of Florida, we understand that every clients needs are unique, therefore, our services include but are not limited to:
  • Hassle-Free informative process.
  • Your Vehicle delivered to you at or below wholesale pricing in addition to rebates, incentives and dealer money.
  • Pre-owned vehicles come with a piece of mind presentation which includes a 115 point inspection, warranty validation, maintenance  verification, paint meter reading, title search, KBB, NADA and auction reports.
  • Full Disclosure off all financing options regardless of your credit situation.
  • Fleet and commercial vehicles available at all levels including heavy machinery ( Bucket and Box Trucks, Flatbeds.)
  • We offer an extensive variety of products to customize your vehicle before you take delivery.  Window tint, Bed Liners, Custom Wheels, Bug Shields, Aftermarket Leather, Entertainment Systems, Sunroofs, Wood Kits.
  • Free consultation services for insurance policies such as Gap Insurance, Ext. Warranties, Wear & tear, Tire & Wheel, etc.
  • Assistance in selling your car to either a private party, wholesaler or dealership. We provide all the research to validate the asking amount for your vehicle as well as a bill of sale and odometer disclosure with a notary to verify all information.
  • Once you trade in or sell your vehicle you are entitled to a refund on any extended warranty policies, maintenance plans or gap insurance.Dealerships do not share this information with you as they keep the money for profit. However, we guide you through the process of canceling these items so that you get the monies due to you!
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