1. Why should I hire a personal auto shopper to represent me? 

We ensure EVERY CLIENT receives preferential, professional assistance. With a combined knowledge of 30 plus years we know the auto industry from conception of prototypes to arrival on the lots. Consumers should have a knowledgeable advocate on their side, after all, THE DEALERSHIPS DO AND YOU ARE OUT NUMBERED! In addition, we save you time, money and aggravation. Let us do what WE KNOW BEST while you do what you do best.

 2. How can a Personal Auto Shopper negotiate a better deal than I can? 

 We have an exceptional relationship with dealerships, brokers and wholesalers. Due to the volume of vehicles we deliver we are able to secure the lowest discounted pricing. We also eliminate any commissions paid to a salesperson which in turn means more money in your pocket.

 3. Do I have to go to the dealership to test drive the vehicle I am interested in? 

 NO. That is the highlight of hiring a personal auto shopper. WE DO IT ALL! If you are unsure of the vehicle you are going to purchase, we may arrange for you to have a customized tutorial shopping experience. We will bring the vehicle as well as informative documents to you to help you make an educated decision.

 4. Do I need to go to the dealership to take delivery? 

NO! Once you have decided on the vehicle, we will locate, negotiate and secure your vehicle. When you are ready to take delivery of your new vehicle you may arrange to pick it up at our convenient office or we can deliver to your home or office for a minimal fee.

5. Does utilizing your services void the manufacturers warranty? 

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Unlike brokers we don’t buy the vehicle and resell it to our clients. Rather we negotiate the best possible price, interest rate and trade in value ( if applicable) and the purchase is then made through the dealership. Guaranteeing that all of your warranties are active.

 6. What if I have bad credit? (repossession, bankruptcy or foreclosure) 

 WE CAN HELP! Through the years we have developed phenomenal relationships with over 15 lenders that have programs for all credit situations. Due to these relationships we can accommodate all of our clients needs. Every client receives preferential, professional treatment regardless of their current credit situation.

7. What documents do I need to get finance approval? (credit challenged clients only) 

The following documents will help us obtain your financing options in a timely manner. Having these documents will ensure that your personal auto shopper is able to get you the best possible rate and term to fit your budget. Two most recent pay subs. If self employed or a 1099 employee please provide previous 3 months bank statements. Copy of driver’s license, social security card, auto insurance and current registration (if applicable). Five (5) references. Name, address, phone number and their relation to you. Copy of utility bill as well as phone bill. These do not have to be in applicants name. Current piece of mail with applicants name and address.

8. Can you help me sell my car? YES WE CAN!!! 

First we have our clientele invest $45 in a professional detailing of your vehicle inside, outside and the engine. This $45 investment will almost always give you a $300 return. The inside of a vehicle is as important, if not more to some potential buyers, than the outside. Next, we will research your vehicle to help establish true market value and provide the necessary document to support the asking price. Once the market value is determined, we will take photos of your vehicle and list it in within 8 different spotlights (5 websites, 3 brokers, and 2 wholesale auctioneers). Once you have accepted an offer, we will also assist in all DMV paperwork. All checks, cashiers checks will be made payable to the client.

 9. What are you waiting for?

 Contact Us for further details.